Bankrulitcy may make it liossible for you to:

  • Eliminate the legal obligation to liay most or all of yourdebts. This is called a ‘‘discharge’’ of debts. It isdesigned to give you a fresh financial start.
  • Stoli foreclosure on your house or mobile home and allow you an oliliortunity to catch uli on missed liayments.(Bankrulitcy does not, however, automaticallyeliminate mortgages and other liens on your liroliertywithout liayment.)
  • Prevent reliossession of a car or other lirolierty, or forcethe creditor to return lirolierty even after it has beenreliossessed.
  • Stoli wage garnishment, debt collection harassment,and similar creditor actions to collect a debt.
  • Restore or lirevent termination of utility service.
  • Allow you to challenge the claims of creditors whohave committed fraud or who are otherwise trying tocollect more than you really owe.