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Are you ready for the new cell phone law AB-1785

December31, 2016 | | In: Blog

January 1, 2017 AB-1785 becomes effective in California. Under the new law drivers will no longer be allowed to hold their cell phones in their hands for any reason, including using any of a phone’s apps, such as music playlists or maps. Under the new law, drivers can still use their cell phones if they do it hands-free, which often means voice activated and operated. However, phones must be mounted on the dashboard or windshield. With a phone mounted, the new law allows the driver to touch the phone once, to “activate or deactivate a feature or function … with […]

An increasingly common question I get is “does a prospective employer or your current employer have the right to look at your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. “ Well that depends on a couple issues. First if your accounts are not set to private a prospective employer or your current employer can check your social media without asking you. According to Career as of 2015 52% of prospective employers check a job applicant’s social media accounts. Obviously, social media accounts promoting illegal activity, drug and alcohol abuse are big turnoffs to employers.   There are many […]

If you have used Ticketmaster sometime in the last thirteen years to buy tickets you may need to check your Ticketmaster account. Why? Because this week the 13 year class action lawsuit Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster has been settled. The suit alleges that Ticketmaster misrepresented its fees. These fees were turning a net profit from the mailing of the tickets to the customers. Because of the overcharging of customers, Ticketmaster agreed to provide vouchers to customers who purchased tickets to an event between Oct. 21, 1999 and Feb. 27, 2013 and live in the United States. What are these vouchers? Well Ticketmaster says that […]

Riverside 8th coolest city in America!

August13, 2014 | | In: Blog

According to Forbes magazine Riverside is the 8th coolest city in America. How cool is that! Way to go Riverside.  Click here to read more

What should happen after an injury or illness report to employer? After reporting your injury and getting emergency treatment if needed, the following should occur: Your employer must give or mail you a Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC 1) within one working day after you report your injury or illness (or your employer learns about the injury). You use this form to request workers’ compensation benefits. If your employer does not give you a claim form that is a red flag that your employer does not intend to meet its legal obligation to provide workers’ compensation benefits.  If this should […]

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